2019 photos:    Seen in the wood

2019 photos:    The Muir Loch in the depths of Devilla Forest

2019 photos:    A well earned lunch in Devilla Forest

2019 photos:    Wildlife at the Muir Loch

2019 photos:    Little Glenshee - this stile was pretty big!

2019 photos:    A long and winding road... Little Glen Shee

2019 photos:    The Obelisk in Little Glen Shee

2019 photos:    Monikie - walking along a resorvoir embankment lined with Rhododendron.

2019 photos:    Monikie - a lovely day for a coffee stop.

2019 photos:    Monikie - easy to climb over!

2019 photos:    Monikie - Camus Cross

2019 photos:    Lower Largo - no paddling along the seashore today!

2019 photos:    Lower Largo - path closure at new Dumbarnie Links Golf Course means change to route.

2019 photos:    Heading for Shell Bay from Largo

2019 photos:    A wild landscape in Largo Bay

2019 photos:    A carpet of bluebells in Kinclaven woods

2019 photos:    "Look at the snow on Ben Lawers" - Bishop Hill summit

2019 photos:    Loch Leven from Bishop Hill

2019 photos:    East Lomond in the distance

2019 photos:    "My sandwiches are down there somewhere!" - Harperslea Reservoir

2019 photos:    Wind farms have turned moorland paths to motorways - going to Loch Hoil

2019 photos:    Take a seat - lunch near Loch Hoil

2019 photos:    Mary asked what that big pointy mountain was - Shiehallion

2019 photos:    Fresh snow on Ben Lawers - from Loch Hoil

2019 photos:    On top of the world - West Lomond

2019 photos:    West Lomond - looks a bit ricketty - the stile that is

2019 photos:    The view north from West Lomond summit

2019 photos:    The northern end of the Fife Coastal Path.

2019 photos:    The Strollers on the Fife Coastal Path near Newburgh

2019 photos:    Fife Pilgrim's Way - the causeway across Loch Fitty

2019 photos:    "They got an award for that!" Modern art at St Ninians

2019 photos:    "The broom, the broom, the bonnie bonnie broom.." The St Ninians site.

2019 photos:    "Boys and girls come out to play..." Kingseat village

2019 photos:    Coffee time at the Meadies

2019 photos:    Auchtermuchty - up and over in "style"

2019 photos:    Auchtermuchty - taking in the views.

2019 photos:    Auchtermuchty - gates are normally easy to secure but not this time.

2019 photos:    There's an old mill by the stream... Kemback - Dura Den.

2019 photos:    "I'm swinging in the rain.." Rambling keeps you young.

2019 photos:    Near Kinglassie - a fine Spring day on "The Pilgrims Way"

2019 photos:    Daffodils near Kinglassie

2019 photos:    Will someone please buy Les a new tee-shirt!

2019 photos:    Queuing to take a shower in Maspie Den

2019 photos:    On top of the world - young Ramblers on East Lomond

2019 photos:    She made it to the top! East Lomond

2019 photos:    Ramblers are getting younger! Maspie Den

2019 photos:    What an intrepid crew! Mailer Hill summit looking North

2019 photos:    Mailer Hill - a slithery slidy descent through icy slush.

2019 photos:    Mailer Hill near Perth. Nancy was wishing she'd stayed in bed.

2019 photos:    Mailer Hill looking North to the Angus Glens

2019 photos:    The Strollers in Maspie Den

2019 photos:    You never mentioned having a shower! Maspie Den.

2019 photos:    I understand this is meant to be a heart. No comment.

2019 photos:    Has anyone seen our horses?

2019 photos:    There's always one. Near the Kelpies.

2019 photos:    Perth Lade on a lovely winter's day

2019 photos:    The River Tay near Perth

2019 photos:    The Strollers at Silverburn - buckets and spades optional.

2019 photos:    Happy in the Rain!

2019 photos:    Beath Hill summit on a blustery day

2019 photos:    Nancy enjoyed her walk on Beath Hill

2019 photos:    "That old chestnut.." Coffee time on Beath Hill

2019 photos:    A "coal themed" walk in the Cleish Hills

2019 photos:    Ladybank - a fine walk in beautiful mixed woodland

2019 photos:    On the edge of Ladybank woods

2019 photos:    Mud-plugging near Kilmany!

2019 photos:    A fine winter's day near Gauldry, N Fife.

2019 photos:    Setting off up Moncrieff Hill on a snowy morning

2019 photos:    Tam was still looking for the 2p he'd dropped on the way up

2019 photos:    I can see for miles and miles.... Moncrieff Hill summit.

2019 photos:    Lunch after our exertions on the climbing wall! Balcarres tower.

2019 photos:    Mythical beast? Lyndsay family crest - it's meant to be a swan!

2019 photos:    The view from the hill - Balcarres looking over Colinsburgh and Largo Bay

2019 photos:    "Well wrapped up" - setting off up Bishop Hill on a brilliant winter day.

2019 photos:    "A wild and lonely place" - who knew we were 5 miles from Glenrothes Town Centre.

2019 photos:    The West Lomond with "inversion layer" cloud.

2019 photos:    They enjoyed the day! East Lomond in the background

2019 photos:    A snapper snapped! A cloudy Edinburgh from the Lomond Hills

2019 photos:    Some old ruins at Dalgety Bay. Oh, and the Ramblers.

2019 photos:    On the Fife Coastal Path at Dalgety Bay

2019 photos:    It was too cold for a paddle - coffee time at Dalgety Bay

2019 photos:    The bridges from Dalgety Bay

2018 photos:    Festival of Winter Walks - disused Wemyss Estate railway line.

2018 photos:    Festival of Winter Walks - on the beach at E Wemyss

2018 photos:    Strollers Xmas walk.

2018 photos:    Xmas walk - a sunny day in Markinch

2018 photos:    "'Elf and safety gone mad!" - Xmas walk

2018 photos:    "Step we gaily..." - Xmas walk

2018 photos:    Xmas walk on the new Pilgrim Way

2018 photos:    Xmas meal - good food and even better company

2018 photos:    Red Riding Hood looked inside but couldn't see any bears. Friarton woods.

2018 photos:    "5 craws sat upon a wa'" - lunch in the Friarton woods

2018 photos:    Follow my leader - in a field near Drumoig, N Fife

2018 photos:    The Victorians certainly knew how to build stuff. Balgonie woods.

2018 photos:    You would pay good money for these mobility exercises at a keep-fit class

2018 photos:    See previous. Balgonie woods.

2018 photos:    They were enjoying themselves, really. Benarty Hill.

2018 photos:    Grange of Lindores - at the walk start.

2018 photos:    Grange of Lindores - heading off after lunch.

2018 photos:    Forth Rail Bridge at the walk start in South Queensferry.

2018 photos:    Granton in the distance - a lovely day - "no rain" though constant showers were forecast.

2018 photos:    "King Tom" looking over to Fife from Dalmeny House

2018 photos:    On way back to South Queensferry from Dalmeny House

2018 photos:    West Lomond - the view East

2018 photos:    A quicker way down! East Lomond summit

2018 photos:    The Summit Party on West Lomond

2018 photos:    A wind-swept headland - Aberdour

2018 photos:    Aberdour harbour

2018 photos:    "Boys an girls come out to play" - no age barrier at Aberdour

2018 photos:    A deeply thoughtful moment - Pentlands in the distance.

2018 photos:    Some old ruins (and a group of ramblers) - St Bridgets Kirk

2018 photos:    "Water water everywhere" - the Union Canal near Livingston

2018 photos:    Almondell near Livingston

2018 photos:    Alloa Tower

2018 photos:    Crossing the old saltmarshes by the Forth, Clackmannan Tower in the distance

2018 photos:    Melrose weekend - the Tweed viaduct

2018 photos:    Melrose weekend - they all enjoyed themselves!

2018 photos:    Sue found a strange creature - a Welsh rarebit perhaps.

2018 photos:    Deep in the woods, something stirred - ramblers! Near Old Melrose

2018 photos:    Beautiful Gardens at Abbotsford

2018 photos:    At the Trimontium site near Old Melrose

2018 photos:    Lesley gave a talk on 13th century poetry at the Rhymer's stone.

2018 photos:    What did the Romans ever do for us? well there's Newstead near Melrose

2018 photos:    Who wants another walk then?

2018 photos:    The Chain Bridge at Gattonside

2018 photos:    Calm waters near Lauder

2018 photos:    The bonny bonny banks - the Tweed at Gattonside

2018 photos:    We were blown away by the views (and the wind!) - Eildon North

2018 photos:    An intrepid crew - highest point in the Eildon Hills

2018 photos:    Middle and North Eildon Hills

2018 photos:    The middle (highest) Eildon Hill

2018 photos:    "It's about 10 miles that way" - the Eildon Hills

2018 photos:    Melrose - Southern Upland Way

2018 photos:    Melrose - Abbotsford House

2018 photos:    What's afoot? This Roman soldier left his feet behind near Melrose

2018 photos:    A beautiful day on the Southern Upland Way

2018 photos:    "There's a path around here somewhere!" - near Newburgh

2018 photos:    The North end of the Coastal Path at Newburgh

2018 photos:    Some Ramblers looking sheepish near Newburgh

2018 photos:    Tay Estuary from above Newburgh

2018 photos:    The Falls of Bruar

2018 photos:    Are you sure this is Ramblers Scotland's new headquarters? Glen Banvie.

2018 photos:    Tam's attempt to spear a fish for his tea failed miserably. River Banvie crossing.

2018 photos:    Lunch in Glen Banvie

2018 photos:    Fife Coastal Path into Kinghorn

2018 photos:    The ducks came to see what was for lunch - Kinghorn loch

2018 photos:    Cynthia wondered if we were a bit lost. Gypsy path Glenrothes.

2018 photos:    The sun shone on our lunch stop at Leslie

2018 photos:    A lovely day at Lochore Meadows

2018 photos:    "A bridge too far"? The Loch Fitty burn.

2018 photos:    Loch Long and Lundie Crags

2018 photos:    We had a long lunch break - Loch Long by Lundie.

2018 photos:    Tramping through the heather towards Lundie Crags

2018 photos:    Sidleing cautiously past some coos - Lundie Crags

2018 photos:    Tam contemplating the meaning of life. Loch Long near Lundie.

2018 photos:    Ramblers walks can be more exciting than you think

2018 photos:    Lunch near Dairsie

2018 photos:    Scone - we might have been attacked by chickens but made it through unscathed.

2018 photos:    Scone - where are we?

2018 photos:    Scone - it seems like no time at all since last years harvest.

2018 photos:    Wormit - disappointed that there was no message in the bottle.

2018 photos:    Wormit - very well behaved ---------------------------------------------------------------- horses.

2018 photos:    Wormit - time for a break. The Tay Rail Bridge in the distance.

2018 photos:    The Strollers near Freuchie

2018 photos:    Strollers - a beautiful day in the countryside near Freuchie

2018 photos:    Dunkeld - Loch Ordie - a magnificent view as we near the end of the walk.

2018 photos:    Dunkeld - Loch Ordie - lunch overlooking the loch.

2018 photos:    Dunkeld - Loch Ordie - coffee stop - nae craws on either wa'

2018 photos:    Looking towards Craig Obney behind Dunkeld

2018 photos:    Lunch time - we were mugged by a family of swans!

2018 photos:    A visitor hopped in

2018 photos:    Coffee time on Craig a Barns

2018 photos:    The view from the hill - looking over the Tay valley from Craig a Barns

2018 photos:    A super view of Glen Quey reservouir in the Ochils

2018 photos:    They were all still smiling after the walk!

2018 photos:    Wall to wall sunshine at Glen Quey reservoir

2018 photos:    Maiden's well at the head of Glen Quey

2018 photos:    Heading into the Ochils on a glorious day

2018 photos:    A foaming torrent - River Braan near The Hermitage

2018 photos:    A motley crew on top of Craig Obney - the lazier ones had dumpted their rucksacs!

2018 photos:    Heading for Craig Obney near Dunkeld
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